Who is Miss India?

The Miss India chain of Indian Restaurants started in March 2004 with the dream of bringing a young, vibrant and fresh taste of India to Australia. From humble beginnings this thriving business has expanded to dozens of locations across Queensland and is now successfully franchising locations around Australia with plans to expand worldwide.

The focus has always been delicious restaurant-quality Indian meals cooked daily with fresh ingredients to offer great value to our customers.

  • We develop our own spice blends and are increasing further QA on their aromas, flavours and consistency.
  • We cook all of our food in-house at each local in-store kitchen.
  • We use fresh produce from local suppliers.
  • All of our food (including curries, naan, entrees, yoghurt lassi smoothies etc) are all hand-made.
  • We don’t use frozen food or ingredients – we don’t have freezers in any of our stores.
  • We don’t add MSG or flavour enhances.
  • We don’t add preservatives.
  • We don’t add yeast to our breads.
  • We don’t use low quality oil.
  • We have the cleanest kitchens in QLD – many of our locations achieve 5-Star ratings from City Councils year-on-year.


We really are Australia's Indian

At Miss India we’re all about Indian food and Australian fun. Adapted from traditional recipes, our food is tasty, wholesome and fresh. It’s perfect for Dining, BYO or takeaway and it’s also fun, fast and friendly.

We challenge the idea of Indian being high in fat and bad for you. That’s why we prepare fresh food daily at every restaurant. And why we only use fresh vegetables and meat from local suppliers as opposed to frozen, as we believe you can taste the difference.

We also pride ourselves on our array of gluten free, vegetarian and vegan offerings and are proud of the fact that we use a special type of basmati rice which has a lower GI than most varieties of white and brown rice.

Of course none of that matters without the right environment, so we also make sure our restaurants are warm, inviting and fun while also adhering to 5 star food standards. Indian flavour, Australian attitude – welcome to Miss India.

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